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Introducing The MyAdvocate Line
of Wellness Products

The MyAdvocate line of wellness products is designed to provide personalized behavioral support that helps Smokers and Vape users succeed in their efforts to quit. MyAdvocate uses artificial intelligence to track each user’s unique respiratory improvement as they continue to refrain from smoking or vaping.

MyAdvocate is designed to provide an in-depth analysis of Forced Cough Vocalizations (FCVs) or intentional coughs, a key respiratory wellness metric. Each MyAdvocate product uses a mobile app to interface with the user. This app collects and sends the user’s FCV inputs to the cloud, where the system returns specific, personal, biometric feedback to the user about their current FCV status.

How MyAdvocate Supports Workforce Wellness

Supporting our corporate partners with easy, efficient wellness programs is a top priority for us.

  • Specialized, customizable programs for companies and organizations
  • Easy implementation
  • Leveraged pricing and packages
  • Free dashboard to track program utilization
  • Unlimited usage for a single, low monthly cost per user

How to Use MyAdvocate

The easy-to-use app guides the user through the process of setting up the app and ongoing usage.

  • The app collects several sets of coughs over the course of 1 to 2 days
  • Our AI platform conducts an analysis, and combines them into a multi-dimensional, data-rich representation of their current respiratory system, as unique as their fingerprint.
  • From then on, the user can cough into the app again at any time
  • The MyAdvocate AI compares the user’s new cough to their baseline, detecting changes
  • New improvement scores are available in-app in about 2 minutes
  • Scores help users chart their progress toward improvement

MyAdvocate Products

In addition to FCV Improvement scores, all MyAdvocate products also give users the ability to track symptoms and severity related to their condition in the app. The MyAdvocate line is currently available to support:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Vape Cessation
  • Long COVID Recovery
  • COPD is coming soon

Try it out!

To learn more about joining our Corporate Partner program to provide MyAdvocate to your personnel, and to get a free trial of one of the apps, please fill out the contact form. We look forward to serving you and your personnel toward better health!

About RAIsonance

RAIsonance is a group of AI/ML companies focused on diagnostic and wellness solutions. Headquartered in Denver, our unique area of focus is the analysis of Forced Cough Vocalizations (FCVs) or intentional coughs. Using this signal as our data sample, we have developed a suite of wellness products that use Forced Cough Vocalizations (FCVs) as the primary input to track recovery from smoking, vaping, and Long COVID. We’ve also developed a software only SaMD diagnostic platform called AudibleHealth Dx that is designed to test for COVID-19, Tuberculosis, and now Influenza, currently under review by the U.S. FDA and Health Canada. We have received an award from the National Science Foundation for our diagnostic technology and were just awarded a contract from BARDA for the continued development of our COVID-19 and Influenza SaMD diagnostic tests.

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MyAdvocate for Smoker Recovery App

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Smoker Recovery
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MyAdvocate for Vape Recovery App

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MyAdvocate for Smoker and Vape Recovery are not medical devices. They do not diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. MyAdvocate is a trademark of the RAIsonance Group of Companies.

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