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RAIsonance is a family of companies dedicated to providing Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)-based solutions for the safety, biometrics, digital health, medical diagnostics, and Big Data markets.
And like the neural networks that RAIsonance designs, the interconnection of our combined scientific knowledge and innovation is the source of novel approaches to complex problems.

Our Companies

Audible Health

A digital health and medical device company focused on leading edge AI/ML-based, scalable, cost-effective diagnostic products across a range of acute and chronic health conditions.
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Guardian Angel

An AI/ML company focused on biometric security solutions that are threat agnostic and augment existing security systems. SoundPass is the flagship product of Guardian AIngel.
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Engines AI

A Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI/ML company, focused on novel ways to capture valuable, unstructured data to support a broad array of healthcare-related fields.
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Latest News

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