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MyAdvocate is designed to help users track their recovery from chronic conditions like Long COVID, and from smoking and vaping.

MyAdvocate is a set of AI-powered mobile applications designed to track respiratory wellness by analyzing a person’s Forced Cough Vocalization (FCV) – an intentional cough. To set up MyAdvocate, users cough into the app several times over the course of a day, creating a multi-dimensional matrix of dozens of features, together as unique as a person’s fingerprint. With this baseline in place, users can then cough again, and MyAdvocate compares their current cough to their baseline, and provides an FCV score.

For Long COVID sufferers, MyAdvocate tracks ongoing respiratory dysfunction. For smokers or vape users, MyAdvocate tracks the user’s journey away from their prior respiratory status as a smoker, providing an FCV Improvement Score to document their improvement over time. In development are versions of MyAdvocate for COPD, Asthma, SIPE and more.

FCV Sentinels

FCV Sentinel tracks FCV scores to provide an early warning if problematic changes are identified.

FCV Sentinel is a threat-agnostic early warning system, based on RAIsonance’s proprietary technology, Forced Cough Vocalization (FCV) analysis. This tool is designed to detect subtle changes that may be the result of exposure to a pathogen, chemical agent, or environmental toxin experienced by the user. These changes are reported as an FCV Impact Score, with higher numbers indicating little or no change. Lower numbers indicate notable differences that may warrant further attention. For businesses and organizations, aggregate data is presented on interactive dashboards in near real time, and can be customized to track readiness by group, location, region, etc.

The FCV Sentinel user interface is a mobile app, and does not require sensors, hardware, or equipment installation requirements. While FCV Sentinel does not diagnose any conditions or distinguish between pathogens and chemical agents, it is designed to provide fast, biometric, early-warning signal of a potential health issue for any user.

Audible HealthDx

AudibleHealth Dx is an investigational diagnostic SaMD platform, designed to diagnose COVID-19, TB, and Influenza using only the sound of a person’s cough via a mobile app.

AudibleHealth Dx Diagnostic Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is designed to diagnose illness by analyzing the sound of a person’s Forced Cough Vocalization (FCV) using artificial intelligence. The cloud-based diagnostic platform is highly scalable and secure, and uses a mobile app as the user interface. The device is designed so that users cough 8 to 10 times into the app, and receive the diagnostic results in about 2 minutes. This fully digital diagnostic approach is designed to allow for fast and easy diagnostic testing with no swabs, no lines, no waste, no expiration dates, and no waiting.

Read more about the AudibleHealth Dx SaMD submission to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) HERE.

Learn more about RAIsonance's BARDA contract award HERE.

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Biometric Soundpass

SoundPass is a biometric FCV tracking tool that functions like a personal "check engine light" to identify potential problems.

SoundPass is biometric self-check software that looks for changes in a person’s FCV signature. Using artificial intelligence, it compares each user’s current cough to their previously established baseline, to identify any changes. It can be used every day – even multiple times per day with results available in under 2 minutes via an easy-to-use mobile app.

This tool is designed to detect subtle changes that may be the result of exposure to a pathogen, chemical agent, or environmental toxin experienced by the user. If SoundPass detects changes, it alerts the user in about 2 minutes. SoundPass does not diagnose or identify the reason for the mismatch.

Like the check engine light on a car, SoundPass cannot identify what has caused the change or diagnose any illnesses – only that a change has been observed.

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