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Biometric Soundpass

SoundPass offers non-invasive, scalable, low-cost tools providing viable solutions to today’s challenges of in-person interactions.

When a person coughs, the vocalization created has a signature as unique as a fingerprint. This is also true of an “on demand,” forced cough vocalization or SDS. SoundPass technology is a fast, easy multi-factor authentication, regardless of threat or exposure. Yet SoundPass is accessible by a simple cell phone app.

Once the user’s Baseline forced cough recording is established in the system, the securely stored signature provides the reference for future comparisons. Users can check their forced cough signature anytime and the AI/ML engine determines whether or not it matches their Baseline.

If the signature is the same, the user gets an “Authenticated” message. Conditions that can result in a “Not Authenticated” message include illness and environmental exposure, among others.

SoundPass Plus™ - Secure Access for Individuals and Families
Gain entry to businesses or venues using the SoundPass System by upgrading to SoundPass Plus. For just $25 per person, per year, SoundPass Plus generates a scannable QR code each time a user authenticates a new forced cough signature in comparison to their Baseline.

SoundPass Access™ - For Businesses, Workplaces, Educational Campuses and Local Government
SoundPass Access is used to scan the QR code of anyone using SoundPass Plus. Fast, inexpensive, and easy to activate, SoundPass Access is designed to support the security protocols already in place for the benefit of clients, employees, patrons, and communities.

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Audible HealthDx

AudibleHealth DX is an investigational diagnostic SaMD, designed for rapid diagnosis of acute and chronic illnesses.

AudibleHealth DX is an investigational diagnostic SaMD, designed for rapid diagnosis of acute and chronic illnesses. AudibleHealth DX is the first product developed by AudibleHealthAI, the RAIsonance medical device and digital health company. The intended use of this investigational diagnostic Software as a Medical Device (Dx SaMD) is to diagnose acute and chronic illnesses, using AI/ML to analyze signal data signatures (SDS). Using an app that can be installed on any cell phone, the user submits a forced cough vocalization and the AI/ML engine analyzes the SDS recording. Preliminary testing has shown that the device will diagnose COVID-19 in about 2 minutes.

Clinical trials of AudibleHealth DX are currently underway in the US and internationally.

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This unique toolset supports the ongoing challenges of persons living with Post-COVID Conditions.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) uses the term “Post-COVID Conditions”, referring to persons experiencing new or persistent symptoms beyond 4 weeks from COVID-19 illness. Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS), effects of treatment or hospitalization for COVID-19, and Long COVID (also known as Long-Haul COVID) are examples of these conditions. And throughout the US and other nations, healthcare centers are establishing programs dedicated to the specific needs of Post-COVID Conditions.

Working with a panel of Post-COVID-19 patients and healthcare providers, RAIsonance has customized an AI/ML biometric tool to assist those living with Post-COVID conditions. This digital health product enables the user to track and quantify symptoms, providing a visual representation of overall status in the moment or over a period of time. Records are viewed on demand by the user and may be shared with healthcare providers with the click of a button.

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