Forced Cough Vocalization & Innovation in Respiratory Wellness

RAIsonance harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to achieve a range of health-related outcomes. We specialize in the analysis of Forced Cough Vocalizations (FCV), intentional coughs that are a rich source of biometric and biomarker data. Our advanced technology enables us to detect physical changes and specific diseases by analyzing this data. Through the use of FCV analysis, we are able to provide valuable health insights and contribute to improving overall wellness.

FCV Signature Analysis

Tracking FCV Wellness

RAIsonance has developed technology that detects, analyzes, and tracks changes to respiratory function. Simply put, the user establishes a “baseline” which is a snapshot of their respiratory system. Each individual’s FCV profile is totally unique to them, just like a fingerprint or retina scan. Once the baseline has been created our FCV analysis technology can identify the tiniest of changes by comparing current coughs to the individual’s baseline profile.

To create a complete biometric FCV profile — also called the baseline — users submit a seriesof intentional coughs over an established period of time. After downloading our app onto their phone, the user is taken through the process of coughing into the mobile app. Those cough sounds go to the cloud for analysis, and the resulting group of data points becomes the user’s baseline FCV signature. Once a baseline is established, the user can cough into the mobile app again anytime, and the system rapidly compares the new cough to the established baseline. Results are delivered in about 2 minutes.

FCV analysis can be used in many ways. It can track improvement, and it can detect negative changes that may be the result of exposure to a pathogen, chemical agent, or environmental toxin. FCV analysis can also detect certain diseases and conditions, and monitor progression and status of respiratoryrelated conditions. We call this our FCV Wellness Technology, and we’ve incorporated it into three product lines.


Tracking Symptoms and Experiences with Specific Conditions

MyAdvocate uses the same technology as Sentinel but is designed to help individuals track ongoing conditions. MyAdvocate also includes a customized symptom diary to help the user document their experiences and provide data-rich reporting. Users can track symptoms for themselves or share their diary with healthcare providers or family members.

The MyAdvocate line currently includes versions for:

  • Long COVID sufferers, tracking ongoing dysfunction and severity. After creating their baseline, the user can cough again and receive an FCV Impairment Score. They can document their symptoms and see trends and patterns in the course of their illness.
  • For smokers, MyAdvocate Smoker Recovery starts with a user's profile once they’ve decided to quit. Then it tracks the smoker's journey from being a smoker, providing an FCV Improvement Score that shows their progress over time.
  • For users that have decided to quit vaping, MyAdvocate Vape Recovery aunctions similarly to Smoker Recovery.

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FCV Sentinel

Detecting Changes to FCV Wellness

FCV Sentinel functions as an early warning system. It does not indicate what caused any changes it detects. Instead it notifies the user that changes have been detected and should be reviewed. The changes may be caused by various things such as a disease, or exposure to chemical agents or environmental toxins. Any of these can produce a notable change in the user’s FCV and be reflected in their FCV score. Higher scores – between 80 and 99 – tell the user that little or no change has been detected. Scores between 50 and 79 indicate that a notable difference has been detected. Scores below 50 indicate a significant change that may warrant a health work up. This digital wellness product is designed to support both individuals tracking their own FCV status, and also for groups such as large employers, colleges and universities, and airline or cruise ship passengers. While FCV Sentinel does not diagnose any conditions or distinguish between pathogens and chemical agents, it is designed to provide fast, biometric, early warning signal for any user.

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Biometric Soundpass

Detecting Changes to FCV Wellness with Alerts & Passcodes

SoundPass operates like a “check engine” light, alerting the user that an out-ofrange change has been detected. This provides a “first alert” signal. In some specialized use cases it also creates a scannable QR code.

This respiratory wellness app combines the reliability of biometrics with the precision and scalability that only an advanced AI/ML-based technology can deliver. With SoundPass, individuals, workplaces, businesses, places of worship, government offices, and education campuses can curb the spread of illness with better, smarter tools.

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Audible Health DX

FCV Analysis for Diagnosis

RAIsonance has also created diagnostic technology which detects a specific disease or condition and delivers a diagnosis in about 2 minutes. It functions similarly in that it uses a mobile app and analyzes an individual’s FCV. However, it does not require establishing a baseline because the AI/ML models being used are trained to detect the unique signature of one respiratory disease.

This technology is possible because each disease affects the human respiratory system in different ways and creates a specific FCV signature in an individual. Some examples:

  • COVID-19 attacks the epithelial cells that line and clean the airways. Without epithelial cells the airways become flooded with debris and fluids.
  • COPD causes structural damage to the walls of the airways and the walls between the air sacs. This causes airways to collapse or narrow, allowing them to become inflamed and thick with mucus. This results in clogging and decreased airflow.
  • RSV can cause conditions such as bronchiolitis, which is an inflammation of the small airways in the lung. RSV can also cause pneumonia, an infection of the lungs that may fill the air sacs with fluid, causing a cough with phlegm, fever, chills, and difficulty breathing.

In addition to COVID-19, RAIsonance is also training new models to add Tuberculosis (TB), Influenza, and RSV indications to this digital diagnostic testing platform.

This investigational Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is currently under review by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and by Health Canada for Emergency Use Authorization for the diagnosis of COVID-19. This technology is a promising new frontier in non-invasive, highly scalable, lab-less diagnostics.

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“The convenience of this FCV based Wellness and Diagnostic technology is unsurpassed. The rigorousness and reliability of our products is also unsurpassed, making this modality valuable, a trusted technology in healthcare.”

Liz Maxwell-Schmidt

President of the American Association
of Physician Specialists

Audible Health DX

AudibleHealth Dx Diagnostic Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is currently being developed under a contract with BARDA to diagnose COVID-19 and Influenza.

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“Our mission is to have a meaningful, positive impact on global health with these innovative, AI-powered solutions. Using a non-invasive, mobile app interface for both diagnostic testing and wellness tracking creates equity for everyone, everywhere.”

Kitty Kolding
CEO & Co-Founder

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